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3 Real Things We’re Pretty Sure Are Cursed
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Cursed objects generally stick to the realms of movies, books, and extremely passive-aggressive birthday cards. But sometimes these foully magicked items slip through the cracks of reality and show up in our corporeal world to scare the hell out of us. Like so …

1) A Cruise Ship

In February, a Carnival cruise ship with the fate-temptingly hilarious name Triumph was ushering passengers on a lovely cruise through the tropics when a fire crippled the ship, leaving it dead in the water. This would’ve been scary enough on its own, but then the sewage system decided to break down, raining shit down the walls of the boat onto everyone trapped inside. The passengers then sat for five goddamn days with nothing to eat, save each other and poop.

When rescue finally came to tow the dismantled Triumph back into port, the towline broke, leaving the ship stranded yet again. They finally reached port five days later, but the next day a bus carrying many of the rescued passengers broke down and stranded them on the side of the road, because the world is cruel.

In April, the ship was in harbor getting work done when it broke free from the dock, floated downstream, and smashed into a cargo ship, killing a man. Apparently the Triumph was cobbled out of bones dredged up from a mermaid burial ground.

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